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Welcome to District Psychiatry and Wellness | A Concierge Approach To Care

At District Psychiatry and Wellness, we realize your psychiatry and wellness needs are unique to you and deserve customized treatment. Our goal is to offer elevated, personalized and concierge care utilizing an integrative and modern approach. The providers currently see patients through a fee-for-service model in District's chic office or via telehealth. We offer psychiactric care, therapy, and acupuncture. We are located in Old Town Alexandria. Please inquire for more details.

Meet The Founder

Meet The Founder

Dr. Erika Kappes is committed to helping her patients function more optimally in their lives. She includes medication (when appropriate), lifestyle changes, nutritional changes, and therapy into treatment. She also has an interest in de-prescribing and works to help patients optimize medication regimens or come off medication, if indicated. She currently sees adults through a fee-for-service model. This fee for service model allows established patients to contact her directly.

Now Offering Genetic Testing

Follow the link below to learn more about genetic testing and its impactful benefits.

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